The rise of Independent Funeral Director’s like Seren Funeral Services is causing the larger companies like Dignity and The Co-Operative a few headaches. In the last five years the independent sector has increased it’s market share against the big groups. Over the previous twenty years the groups were making the running with a policy of buying up smaller companies.

Independent companies are able to offer their clients more flexibility in terms of pricing and services than the groups. We only answer to our clients, not our shareholders and our decisions are made within the community we serve, not in some distant head office who have almost no knowledge of our community. At Seren Funeral Services we also work in partnership with as many local suppliers as we can. Our Carriage Masters are local. Our florists are local. Our Stonemasons are local. Our Dove Release Company is local. We chose our partners within the local community of Pontypridd, they are not chosen by a manager in head office who’s only real concern is the cost.

The Independents are coming.