Seren Funeral Services in Pontypridd are delighted to work in partnership with Perfect Choice Funeral Plans.

Perfect Choice Funeral Plans are the approved provided of prepaid funeral plans of The National Association of Funeral Directors, Seren are proud members of The NAFD.

Pre-planning your funeral, or the funeral of a loved one allows you to totally personalise your funeral service too ensure that it is a true celebration of the life you’ve lived. Another major advantage is that a Perfect Choice Funeral Pan fixes the price you pay for your funeral at today’s price. Currently funeral inflation is running at 5% per year. Pre-planning also grants your family peace of mind, knowing that your arrangements have been made with a reputable Funeral Director who is a member of The NAFD.

Perfect Choice also allows us as Funeral Directors to ensure flexibility in pricing and means we can offer one off payment or installment plans over a term of your choice.